Be My Guest is the essence of many years experience of six musicians completely dedicated to their passion.

Be My Guest is a band for those who love to have fun at a high level. The dose of a positive vibe and our passion for music makes us create a unique atmosphere on stage which sticks in participants’ heads for a long time, no matter if they join in a wedding, company event, a banquet or a private party. Working with music is part of our everyday life and gives us a lot of joy and satisfaction. We offer an energetic mixture of Polish and foreign musical pieces coming from our repertoire.

Not only does Be My Guest offer a proffesional sound but it also provides a high quality service led by a Conferencier, a great contact with the public as well as the ability to choose dancing games, additional activities and attractions according to the main theme of the event. All these elements create a unique atmosphere during the event, they provide comfort and the freedom of play and guarantee unforgettable emotions on the dance floor.

Our offer will be able to match everyone, even the most demanding customers. We offer a comprehensive musical arrangement for the events and a rich repertoire of musical pieces enriched by a cultured performance of a conferencier. With Be My Guest you will have fun with some of the biggest hits in popular music. We have proffesional equipment (sound effects/lighting/stage), which will guarantee the highest quality sound in both small and large rooms.



Shape of You

Something Got Me Started

Simply The Best

Cant Wait Until Tonight

Im Still Standing



Be My Guest is aware of the significant character of a wedding ceremony which requires an exceptional musical arrangement. We also know that proper contact with the guests is an important matter as it ensures a relaxed atmosphere and integration between the participants of the event. Therefore, during the production of a musical task we are able to guarantee:

  • A comprehensive conducting of a wedding reception: preparing ceremony’s scenario, musical arrangement and the event hosting
  • Abundant repertoire of Polish and foreign musical pieces starting from 60s and 70s hits, the immortal 80s and 90s, through radio hits, ending up with hot Latino rhythms
  • Professional sound equipment and lighting
  • Stage platform (additional cost)
  • Constant contact and the ability to meet the individual needs of a customer


  • We will organize a comprehensive musical setting for a church wedding or a civil marriage
  • We will arrange artistic performances as an additional event attraction


Nothing integrates and motivates the employees more than a corporate event. A party, banquet, gala or an integration party require the most suitable musical arrangements. Be My Guest is a band of experienced musicians offering a wide musical repertoire enriched by an elegant stage image fully adapted to the character of a particular event. An amazingly creative host and charismatic vocals will inspire everyone to have good fun, no matter what kind of public and they will guarantee a perfect atmosphere and positive energy which will remain in the memory of the participants.


  • Musical arrangements for corporate events, formal galas and banquets, as well as for small business conferences and meetings where music’s main goal is to fill the space in the most pleasant way possible
  • Abundant repertoire of Polish and foreign musical pieces starting from 60s and 70s hits, the immortal 80s and 90s, through modern songs, Latino rhythms and ending up with jazz music
  • The opportunity to have an event hosted by a Conferencier
  • Good etiquette and manners as well as an elegant scene image
  • Candour, flexibility and the ability to keep up with customer demands, the type of an event and the main theme

The ability to make contact with the public Be My Guest is a six-member band consisted of artists who perfectly combine vocal artistry with top quality musical skills.